Month: February 2015

Border Fence, PLU Speaks! "Getting Paid to Care for the Undocumented Immigrant"

PLU Speaks! “Getting Paid to Care for the Undocumented Immigrant”

PLU senior Thomas Kim speaks about the need for immigration reform from an economic and Christian point of view.

Leah Johnson

From the Archives: Hating on H8

Originally published in the Mooring Mast, Nov. 14th, 2014 by Leah Larson

FCKH8 is a company that is notorious for putting together quick and funny videos about various activist causes and selling shirts to raise money for those causes.

Unfortunately, that’s also a really easy way for a company to make a lot of money.
FCKH8 is a for-profit company. The money they make off their T-shirts or from the advertising on their YouTube videos goes directly toward various employees’ paychecks.
Ultimately, FCKH8 has successfully raised almost $6000 for various charities with their anti-racism gear. Those $6000 will go on to do great things, but FCKH8 still falls short in its advocacy.

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Leah Johnson

Words Matter: Facebook Stalking and Everyday Conversation

Trigger warning for discussion of stalking and sexual assault

Written by Leah Larson, Matrix Intern, February 15th 2015

Last year, I went through a pretty bad break-up. I found out that the guy I had been on-off with for several months had cheated on me. Even worse, he had cheated on me with an underage girl. For months after this event, hearing his name caused me to become emotional and frequently excuse myself from rooms to collect myself.

That sort of reaction is common whenever anybody goes through a particularly emotional or traumatic experience. A bad break up. A death. Loss of a friend.

This is even more true when it comes to traumatic events like sexual assault or stalking.

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