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A brain with the caption "PLU Speaks! Teaser from the Matrix"

PLU Speaks! Teaser from the Matrix

Senior and Matrix assistant editor Leah Larson previews her piece on ADHD for the Matrix 2015 spring issue, Breaking Binaries. Look for her piece and more soon in our semesterly publication!

Breaking Binaries

Spring 2015 Edition Submission

It is with great excitement that we at the Matrix are proud to unveil the theme for this semester’s issue of the Matrix and start accepting submissions for publication.

The theme is Breaking Binaries: Speak Truth to Power

Breaking Binaries: Speak Truth to Power
There are a lot of contradictions in life that don’t fit the tidy stereotypes that society gives us. Girls can like monster trucks and hunting, boys can like make up and dresses. Race, gender, sexuality, class, it seems like every category that people come up with is riddled with ideal images that are impossible to live up to and stereotypes that are actively harmful.

That’s what breaking binaries is about. Debunking the myths that things are either this-or-that, and instead showing that they exist on a spectrum. Challenging the stereotypes that society tries to force on us, and instead showing that life is full of contradictions. Denying people the right to tell us who we are, and instead speaking truth to power by self-identification.

The Matrix accepts all forms of social justice-related media such as personal essays, songs, academic works, photo campaigns, videos, spoken word, poetry, and more. Visit the submission page for more details on guidelines and to submit your works.
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